My name is Matt Costa. I am an Editor, Producer, Compositor, and general post-production specialist. I have worked as a freelance editor and production assistant. Recently I earned my Master’s degree in Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University. There I focused on film technology in Production and Post-production. I have experience throughout the entire production pipeline. This wide range of experience helps me to understand the responsibilities of each role in the filmmaking process and how accomplish them in a way that is most beneficial to the team. For most most of the work contained on this site I fulfilled multiple roles. Primarily I have worked as an Editor, Producer, Director, Writer and Compositor. Currently I am Producing. Directing and Editing an independent short film titled "Toronto". Additionally, I am a member of the sub-committee for the 2013 SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival serving as Technical Director and Social Media Chair. Find me on Linkedin at: